Learning To Love Shakespeare

Before you begin one of Shakespeare’s plays, read a synopsis or an illustrated children’s version. This is helpful for adults too. That way, you will have a good idea of what the play is all about when you start to tackle the old English in which the play is written. Also, be sure to get a copy that has excellent footnotes or a modernized translation on the side.

Just Don't Get It?

When we start to read Shakespeare, it may seem like a foreign language. If you feel this way, you are definitely not alone. Do not be discouraged if you do not immediately “get it.” It is important to remember that we no longer speak Shakespearean English. In Shakespeare’s day, people were used to speaking in the language in which his plays were written. They alsounderstood the references he used and got all his jokes because they were taken from the common culture ofhis day.Shakespeare has been reprinted with footnotes and translations for this very reason. If you keep at it, you will certainly crack the code. Even very young children can read Shakespeare in no time if they desire to do so and have a little help. The more you understand, Shakespeare, the more fun (and funny) his works become.

Enjoy It Live

Shakespeare’s plays were, well, plays. They were written to be acted out on a stage rather than read silently. (This is not to say that reading them is not extremely enjoyable.) There is nothing like live Shakespeare! The Bard’s plays are often performed for free outdoors in summertime. And you are quite likely to find some of Shakespeare’s plays on DVD in the fine arts section of your local library. Some truly highqualityperformances of Shakespeare’s plays can also be viewed on YouTube as well.

Create A Shakespeare Club

Shakespeare is more fun with friends — after all, his plays are meant to be acted out! If you do not want to memorize all the lines and formally act it out, you can easily assign the roles and read the plays aloud with a group of friends Most plays can be read aloud in one sitting. You could break the read through into two or more sittings and follow the reading portion of your meeting with viewing a portion of the play on DVD.